We'll need MANY hands to achieve CLIMAX!

Spread the word! Facebook us, Tweet us, knit a dozen potholders and sell them on eBay! We need everyone to know about us, see our fun little video and get as excited as we are!

Whatever gift you're able to give-- brag about it! We will! Tell your friends and dare them to outdo you! If we exceed our goal, we promise to just keep rolling, and bring you more outrageous short films like CLIMAX! We have two more screenplays already in development, so don't think we're not serious! If YOU have a favorite Sean Owens play you'd like to see adapted, drop us a line-- and a check! We'll get to work.

You can visit us at Canopus Projects, Foul Play Productions, or our IndieGoGo page.

You can check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

You can email us or volunteer at foulplaysf (at) gmail (dot) com

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