Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bringing YOU to CLIMAX

Sean Owens has been called "the Captain of Camp." He's plundered every genre from film noir (The Big Drag, Best Original Script, BATCC Awards) to pirate epic (Naught But Pirates, Audience Choice Awards, NY Frigid Fest). He's been buried alive, made pigs fly, and caused Texas housewives to lose their hair. If you missed any of that, it's because you weren't in San Francisco, or you don't go to plays much, or the show sold out-- that's just how cruel theatre can be. So Foul Play Productions, along with Canopus Projects, have decided to capture the magic forever-- on film!-- beginning with one of Sean's craftiest offerings, a ten-minute play called CLIMAX.

Maybe it's only natural that Foul Play, having put so many great films on stage with its “Attack Of The Killer B-Movies!” series (The Birds, The Bad Seed, Bride of Frankenstein) has decided to start adapting plays into films. And whose plays are better suited to this experiment than those of FP Founder, Sean Owens!* So by contributing to the film production of CLIMAX, you are helping to create a legacy: the brand-new film branch of Foul Play Productions.

Our partnership with Jeremy Solterbeck of Canopus Projects is a key step towards making CLIMAX (the film) a reality: he has extensive directorial credentials in fusing comedy and the bizarre-- from his feature El Presidente! to his animated short “Moving Illustrations of Machines,” and his extensive music video career.  Solterbeck is a long time Foul Play collaborator and partner in crime, hence the right creative match to take what made CLIMAX great on stage and transform it cinematically.  

Best of all, your contributions will encourage us to keep going! We have big plans for adapting more hilarious Sean Owens plays into short films, so every dollar you donate OVER our goal will go directly into making the next movie! Haven't you always wanted to be a big-time producer? Now's your chance!

*(SF's Best Comic Playwright, and author of over 35 plays.)

We don't just want to make CLIMAX... we want to make it WELL. 

Consummate actors, a brilliant film team, a sparkling script-- we've got all the pieces but one. Taking the step from theatre into film is a big one, and the financial commitment is significant. We only get one chance to make our cinematic debut, so we're reaching out to people who believe in Quality. Who believe in Craftsmanship. And who believe in Funny. 

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